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Welcome to GG3.NET

Photo of a black parrot

GG3.NET in a few words[top]

  • GG3.NET is mostly a personal site.
  • GG3.NET is where Georgi exercises his skills and works with new technologies
  • GG3.NET offers various services for free

Short Introduction[top]

by Georgi Georgiev

This is a personal site. This means that it is mostly about me, and what I do. The reason I started it is because I wanted to share photos with my friends. Times change, people change, too. I dropped the photo gallery, but continued to work on this page by experimenting with new and different technologies.

Another reason for to get going is my interest in web design and computer programming. I am therefore paying less attention to the content than I should. This problem is being worked on even as you read this.

Make yourself home and if you need something: I would gladly respond to any inquiries.

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